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1. What is a HYIP investment project?

It is an investment project for clients where an investment experience with different types of plans is offered, where the funds generate a return based on the percentage and term of the plan, it should be taken into account that these plans are high-risk investment, due to the high profitability that clients obtain in the plans acquired in their project.

There are different modalities that can be offered to its customers and with different themes which will make your project more successful by making it grow rapidly.

2. What do I need to set up my own HYIP website?

You will need as a base a Script! that gives you the administration features (investment plans, payment processors, users, among a multitude of features covering various aspects), we recommend the most popular version that is HYIP Manager Pro Script of the Gold Coders developer.

After having your script you need a visual and attractive aspect that seduces your customers! We developed templates for Gold Coders that are affordable with any version, you can install our templates easily through a few simple steps.

To start a HYIP project there are different alternatives in the market, in this example you will need:

1. Have a Hosting and Domain.

2. Having a Script installed in this example we use the HYIP Manager Pro Script, which will handle all the functions of your HYIP site (plans, profit percentages, transaction management, deposit methods, withdrawal, users, security among a multitude of options at your disposal).

You can see the features in detail and buy it on our website:

Script Gold Coders HYIP Update!

Or directly on the Gold Coders developer page.

3. After installing your Script, you can use one of our templates compatible with the Gold Coders HYIP Manager Pro Script.

You can filter and see its characteristics within each corresponding product:

** Remember that in this example your HYIP site is composed of: Script + Template

3. How to order template or script?

You can choose the product according to your needs to start your own investment project in our Shop:

You can add the product directly to your shopping cart or see the features of the product by clicking on the product photo.

After selecting the products you want to purchase, your order will be processed at checkout, you just have to add your name and email to which your products will be linked and always available.

To finalize your purchase at checkout you just have to click on “Place Order” where you will redirect it to complete your payment.

4. What payment methods do you accept?

As developers we support the new technologies of the crypto world!

We accept different cryptocurrencies that are some of the main market popular that will facilitate your purchase on the website:

1. Bitcoin
2. Ethereum
3. Litecoin
4. Bitcoin Cash

5. What is Bitcoin & Learn BTC & How to Buy BTC?

If you are new to the crypto world and want to set up your own investment project but want to know more about BTC, how to buy BTC, have your own BTC wallet, with which you can make purchases of our products on our website and many others Websites also support this new technology.

We recommend the following links that will explain in more detail this new technology:

What is Bitcoin?

Learn bitcoin >

Make wallet here: or
or or

Simple Bitcoin Converter:

Tuts to buy BTC:

Just make sure to buy/sell from users who have been on the site for a long time and have many vouches.
or or

6. Where to buy BTC & Other Cryptos with Credit Card?

Currently with the growth of the crypto world it is easier to acquire different cryptocurrencies in a simple way.

If you want to buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card we recommend some of the following options that are popular in the market and safe:

7. Where to buy BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH and USDC with other CryptoCurrency?

If you have any other cryptocurrency that is not within the payment options we receive in Template Rex you can change it in the following options:

8. How long i will received script or templates?

All digital products are purchased without the possibility of free updates. The download links will be available instantly in the customer’s account:

And sent the link via E-mail after the purchase.

9. How to download my order script or templates?

You will see download link after you make payment successfully and now login to your account then click download:

10. Are you Guaranteed Scripts or templates work?

Yes, We guarantee that any digital product purchased on the website does not contain any mal-ware, viruses, advertising, backdoor, or any type of malicious software that affects our clients.

One of our seals of quality is that all our products and content offered in Template Rex are totally clean, in each page our products you will find the scanned file in and you can check it yourself when you scan the product and verify the MD5 of the product.

After purchasing all our scripts or templates you will have 1 month of support for any incident you may have.

11. Are you provide free installation for your script or templates?

Yes, You will get Free Installation Service to All Of Our Customers, only for one domain for next domain you need contact us.

12. Are you provide mobile responsive templates?

Yes, we currently design mobile response templates for the most part if you have any questions contact us!

13. Are you provide return of money after buying product?

No. we not support any kind of return after we send product.

14. Where i can find coupon code?

We make random deliveries of coupons to our customers who can redeem, take advantage of these promotions!

15. How to apply coupon code?

Open your cart here and enter your coupon code and click apply coupon.

16. Can i remove default memo on order process and make other memo?

Our orders are automated and the system when verifying the payment dispatches the requested order, we will endeavor to see your order memo made in your order.

17. How can I change my e-mail address or password?

Log into your account and click on the “Edit My Profile”. You can change your e-mail address and password there.

18. How can I change my password?

You can change your password directly from your members area by editing it in your personal profile.

19. How to order templates never used?

You need contact us, please use contact form then we will contact you and provide detail price.